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The First Robotic Rotimaker Will Make Puffy Roti and Paratha for You. Comfort & Convenience and Cooking a Breeze
An Automated Design to Cook Tasty, Fresh and Soft Roti at a Moment Notice


Save Your Precious Time and Effort by Purchasing Robotic Rotimaker
No More Struggle & Tussle for Fresh and Puffy Roti Fresh & Healthy Meal Anytime


About Us

Roti is one of the famous foods in India and other parts of the world made from stone-ground wholemeal flour. It is also known as flat bread. A variety of flat breads are seen in different parts of the world. For centuries, women in numerous societies over the globe have been making roti only by hand. These days even the majority of women still doing in this technologically advanced world.  But not all women know the making process, and most of them do not find enough time to do at home. To keep in mind Liza Appliances came up with its elegantly designed and highly innovative robotic rotimaker ‘RoboRoto’ for women who wish to have this amazing machine in their kitchen to make their delicious roti just in a minute. Till date, Roti making machines have either been a little products or a large machine which requires a lot of human efforts. We have brought this robotic rotimaker that will really need for every kitchen. RoboRoto is easy to handle, just need to plug in with a standard wall outlet, and it is ready to make your favorite roti as much as you need. Liza Appliances brought this highly innovative robotic rotimaker to help every woman who wants to have fresh roti, chapatti, parotha or paratha anytime at home. This machine can be your best friend in kitchen that will help you in making roti in a minute, will help you eat healthier food and live better.

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RoboRoto may look like a latest Xerox machine, but it does not do monotonous photocopy. Instead, this amazing machine widely known as rotimaker, it makes roti, chapatti, parotha or paratha in a minute, something not each and every man or woman in India or otherwise can make without practice. Liza Appliances has brought this versatile roti or chapatti maker to women who like to have this rotimaker in kitchen reducing time and energy for making roti anytime. RoboRoto is one of the most trusted and innovative robotic rotimaker produced by Liza Appliances. The rotimaker can easily pop out regulation one fluffy roti, paratha or chapatti just less than a minute. You can load and customize it anytime and eat when you want. The ultimate freshness you like to enjoy with all healthy foods made of flour of your choice.


Living with RoboRoto is just fantastic. We brought this amazing and versatile rotimaker for you to help you eat fresh food made at home with easy handpicked ingredients. This robotic rotimaker can be your best friend for instant and hassle-free roti making that you want to see always beside you. It helps you in a diverse way, on the go to eat clean, fresh, natural whole wheat roti. Living with it is a fell for longer. RoboRoto makes your life easy, quick and everyday works sorted. You can turn doughball into stuffed paratha anytime you like. Your one-stop roti maker is just at your home. Now what do you want to make? With RoboRoto you will eat healthier and live better life.

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